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UGV End Mills


Our tools for high-speed machining of aluminum (UGV), are now well known and widely appreciated by the main aerostructures producers.

They have been developed with and without coolant holes, aiming to decrease the consumption of energy and increase the duration of optimal use of the tool.

Excellent sharpening regularity

The chosen grinding wheel and the cutting parameters used in sharpening operations help to prevent overheating and any trace of micro-chippings.

Mirror effect due to the glossy Polished surface quality

The tooth is naturally reflected on the leading face and vice versa.

The glossy polished sharpness of the flutes is perfectly mastered

Allows to reduce typical adhesion phenomena at the cutting edges.

Rounded joint at the bottom of the cutting part

Allows to finish deep walls reducing the marks of previous passes.


We have a different catalogue for each family of products. In them you will find all technical details, suggested applications and delivery times.

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