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Solid carbide drills

Our standard drills for general mechanics

Our range of standard drills is essential, covering all needs in drilling in general mechanics.
We produce drills with and without coolant holes (3xD and 5xD) and with coolant holes (8xD and 12xD). The geometry allows a considerable reduction of cutting stresses and an optimized chip evacuation, making our drills ideal for a wide range of materials.

Our centering drills for precise positioning

In addition, we also offer the centering drills, a simple but fundamental geometry that finds has a very important place in mechanical workshops.

Our special drills for different applications

Our know-how in drilling goes further, for example we develop specific geometries for drilling composite materials, or also drilling and reaming tools, allowing great savings make 2 operations with only one tool.
From our experience in the aerospace industry, we produce drills for 1 shot operations with the 100° chamfer, typical of this field.


We have a different catalogue for each family of products. In them you will find all technical details, suggested applications and delivery times.

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