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Solid carbide end mills

The range of our standard production in solid carbide is the result of specific solutions due to our experience and listening to the needs of our customers. Products in stock, coatings and geometries for specific applications.

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Steel end mills

Modern products range, use of high performance materials and according with the needs of an increasingly demanding manufacturing world. For milling operations, steel still has a lot to say!

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Solid carbide drills

We produce drills with and without coolant holes (3xD and 5xD) and with coolant holes (8xD and 12xD). The geometry allows a considerable reduction of cutting stresses and an optimized chip evacuation, making our drills ideal for a wide range of materials.

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Solid carbide reamers. Steel reamers

Reaming is a finishing operation performed to obtain holes of high accuracy. It’s necessary to seek the best working conditions to get the best hole quality in terms of surface finishing, roundness of the hole and tight tolerances. Our production uses the Just in Time philosophy to provide any diameter not immediately available within 24 hours.

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Materials with high mechanical characteristics, construction specifications with very precise tolerances require the use of high quality tools. Having a role in this rapidly and continuously evolving industrial world has always been a stimulus to our search for continuous improvement. Each phase of our production process, each product or technology used must be functional to this goal. One of Fresal’s strategic objectives is to offer an increasingly complete standard tool program, and an increasing level of expertise to make special tools required in the production and maintenance of aircraft components and structural parts.

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Ugv end mills

Our cutters for high-speed aluminum cutting (UGV) reduce energy consumption and increase optimal tool life. They have excellent sharpening regularity and a mirror effect due to the quality of the polishing.

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