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Solid carbide end mills

Our standard production in solid carbide

The range of our standard production in solid carbide is the result of specific solutions due to our experience and listening to the needs of our customers. Products in stock, coatings and geometries for specific applications.

Versatile tools for any material

With our offer of solid carbide end mills we have the opportunity to answer to most of our customers requests. We have both specific tools for different materials but also end mills that work perfectly for general purposes and mechanics.

Our line of products for aluminum

In our catalogue you will find a wide range of tools specific for aluminum. All this line of products is polished and you can chose from a very large offer of corner radius. For some tools you also have the opportunity of having lateral coolant exits.

Our solution for titanium and inconel

Through the years we had the opportunity to develop some geometries very specific for Titanium and Inconel machining. For these materials we have our best seller HM460, a 4 flutes end mill with variable helix, which evolved with 5 and 7 flutes, both also available in the version with lateral coolant holes and corner radius.


We have a different catalogue for each family of products. In them you will find all technical details, suggested applications and delivery times.

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