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Solid carbide reamers. Steel reamers

Reaming: a high-precision operation

Reaming is a finishing operation performed to obtain holes of high accuracy. It’s necessary to seek the best working conditions to get the best hole quality in terms of surface finishing, roundness of the hole and tight tolerances. Our production uses the Just in Time philosophy to provide any diameter not immediately available within 24 hours.

Our stock and delivery service

The way we manage our stock and the delivery of the reamers allow us to give the best service to our customers, without overcharging our stock and optimizing our production.
Our reaming catalogue offers hand and machine reamers, plus extra short reamers for cnc machines.
Furthermore, we have extra-long reamers and reamers for blind holes.

Our special reamers for different applications

In addition to our standard range, we have a know how in reamers for the aeronautical field, or straight flute reamers, as well as reamers with the coolant holes.


We have a different catalogue for each family of products. In them you will find all technical details, suggested applications and delivery times.

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